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what we do

We buy houses from people who are

Worried about damage that is continuing on a vacant property
Tired of tenants not paying rent and damaging property
At risk of losing their property
Inherited a property they would like to convert into cash

Tired of your problem property?
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We will close quickly and you can enjoy your cash instead of continuing to worry about your property!

Investing with Unique Construction Homes

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How it works

Everyone has their process. This is ours.

We pay cash.

With no financing needed, there are no hassles with mortgage companies and pre-approvals.

No contingencies.

We don’t ask you to fix anything and the sale is only contigent on the buyer saying yes.

Fair and quick offer.

We aren’t out to take advantage of anyone. We will make a quick decision and submit a fair offer.

Quick closing.

With no financing needed and no contingencies, we are able to close the deal quickly.
Have a house you need to sell?
We’ll buy it as-is.

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