Business strategy

Our business model is to buy distressed properties that are below market value; rehab them to market ready condition. These properties then get released to the general public for purchase at retail value.

Our success is contributed to the following items:

Quick turn around and quality craftsmanship

Our sister company Unique Construction Services provides us with great work that stands the test of time.

Strategic partnerships

We have strategic partners to find the best deals possible helping us minimize costs and maximize profits.

Speed and efficiency

We work with the best Realtors who operate with speed and efficiency in marketing and selling our properties.

Cash offerings

Our investment partners help us purchase properties with cash offers ensuring a great deal and no mortgage.

How we work with investors

Every situation and every investor is different based on his or her risk tolerance and financial goals. We would like the opportunity to speak to you and see if we are a good fit for one another.

Typically after your investment is made we explain to you which property your money is being used to purchase and renovate.

We provide you with the address and share pictures with you. We also invite you to come out to the site and meet with our team so you can see what you are a part of!

Ready to get started?

We have a few options for investors and look forward to speaking with you soon and seeing how we can benefit one another!

Every investment has its level of risk and potential for loss. Always consult with an attorney before entering into an agreement with anyone.

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Driven by quality and customer satisfaction, Unique Construction Services has worked and continues to work with many small to medium sized residential and commercial construction projects. Equipped with a great value of experience and workmanship, we continue to bring satisfaction to our customers.